Matt Beasant is a Canadian painter. His work incorporates elements of lyrical abstraction and surrealism and is heavily influenced by his upbringing in the boreal forest of Northwestern Ontario. Matt’s work is informed by a fascination of space, time, and memory, and can be described as an inward journey or an exploration of an inner wilderness. Here no one person may see the same landscape or experience it the same way. Landforms are infused with geometric systems that may act as expressions of human emotion. Geology may resemble biology. Organic nature may appear inorganic and mechanical. Above all, imagery is familiar and yet foreign. Underlying Matt’s work is an attempt to draw parallels between seemingly disparate areas of understanding and philosophy; between the quantifiable and the qualitative, the physical and the metaphysical. This duality or juxtaposition extends into the very nature of Matt’s process where a purely analogue production using paint and brush attempts to convey a digital, computerized aesthetic. 


The Bailey Collection - Formative, 2017

The Archives of Ontario - Well, 2013; Migrant, 2013


Art Gallery of Hamilton - Group Exhibition, AGH Art Sale - 2020

Quantum Landscapes - Solo Exhibition, Coldstream Fine Art - 2019

Dynamic Hieroglyphic - Group Exhibition, Coldstream Fine Art - 2018

Autumn Art Sale,  McMichael Canadian Art Collection - 2016, 2017, 2019
The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair - 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 
OPS Pride Queer Landscapes, John B. Aird Gallery – 2015 
Pride Toronto World Pride Video – Commissioned artist - 2014


Matt Beasant

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