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Lonely Islands

The Lonely Islands series explores the vesica piscis as a reflective gateway. Each vesica piscis is surrounded by a garland of inwardly reflecting islands. Like the mirroring effect on a placid lake, the resulting imagery is symmetrical and works to create the impression of a Rorschach test. Initial interpretation of these surrealist landscapes is thus a reflection of our own subconscious.

The vesica piscis

The vesica piscis is a type of symmetrical lens. Throughout history, it has held significant meaning for various forms of spiritualism and religion. It is often depicted as a gateway between the physical and non-physical or a transcendence of time and space. The vesica piscis and its resemblance to the birth canal is also an example of a gateway through which we find manifestation of the physical.


Perhaps more fundamentally, the vesica piscis represents a doorway to increasingly complex mathematics and geometry. This foundational structure appears in the first proposition of Euclid's Elements, where it forms the first step in the construction of an equilateral triangle. Also, its height over width ratio is an irrational number which in sacred geometry can represent the manifestation of the infinite into rational space. 

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